Setup IOS Device

Setting up the remote IOS device that you will leave with the person you are caring for is simple. 

In short...

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of IOS on your device
  2. Download the Keep Close Contact app
  3. Setup FaceTime in settings to use the correct AppleID and test it
  4. Sign into the App Store with the AppleID that will be paying for the subscription
  5. Launch the Keep Close Contact app and subscribe
  6. Read the instructions on the email you will receive
  7. Test!


In detail...

settings_iconStep 1: If the device is not brand new upgrade the device to the latest version of IOS, you can do this by going to Settings>General>Software Update. If your device already has the latest version it will advise you that it is up to date. For Keep Close Contact to work it must be IOS 8 or later.


Step 2: (Optional) As the remote device is dedicated to Keep Close Contact we recommend that the device is either brand new or is reset to it's factory default settings, this will prevent other apps popping up messages and confusing people. To reset it go to Settings>General>Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings


Step 3: Startup the device and follow the prompts, you will need to connect to the internet, if the person you are caring for does not have an existing Apple ID you should create one as part of the startup process. Please use a name that you will recognise when they call.



Step 4Keep Close Contact charges a monthly fee which is charged to an iTunes Apple ID account, if you wish to charge this to a different account from the one you used in Step 3 go to Settings>iTunes & App Store and Sign out of the Apple ID by tapping on the Apple ID



Step 5: Go to the App store and download the Keep Close Contact app.


Step 6: Start the Keep Close Contact app and follow the prompts to subscribe, you will have a 7 day free trial period before payments commence. An email will be sent to you with your account details. Once you have subscribed you can sign out of the App Store if you wish.


Step 7: While you are waiting for the email plug the device into power and place it in a secure stand that will allow the device to be close to the person you are caring for so you can see and hear them when you call. Keep Close Contact is designed to be used in portrait mode with the gold logo and camera at the top.


Step 8: When the email arrives with your Keep Close Contact account details using another IOS device or a Macintosh go to the Keep Close Contact website  and choose User Login from the main menu. Login in and your dashboard will be shown.


Step 9: Select Profile from the menu and enter your FaceTime Address - this is the address that the remote device will call. Check that your Email Address is correct and turn on Email Notifications if you wish to receive them. Save your changes and return to the dashboard.


Step 10: Please read through the other sections of the User Guide and test the video calls and messages. You are now ready to go! Make sure that the remote IOS device running Keep Close Contact is left on, plugged in and running the app at all times.