Restoring a Subscription

If you have a new IOS device or have reset your existing IOS device while you have an iTunes subscription for Keep Close Contact you can easily restore the existing iTunes subscription.

The Keep Close Contact app should download automatically as part of the normal restore process, if not you can manually re-download it from the App Store. There is no charge for this download.

When you start Keep Close Contact the first time click on the Restore button and enter the same email address and Apple ID that you used when subscribing the first time.

There will be a short delay whilst the subscription is verified then a confirmation message is displayed advising that the subscription has been restored.

Your new device will be added to your Keep Close Contact Dashboard, a confirmation email will be sent to you as well.

If you do not receive the confirmation message, please check the details, restart the app and enter them again. The lack of confirmation message is usually caused by an incorrect email address or AppleID.

If you continue to have problems please contact us, we are here to help.