Device Dashboard

summary_fullTo check the status and features of Keep Close Contact each device has a Dashboard, this is the screen that will appear when you log in for the first time.

The top black bar contains the Main Menu. When you log in for the first time select the Profile option from this menu, change your password to one that you will remember, enter your name and your FaceTime address so you can receive calls.

If you are accessing Keep Close Contact from a mobile device you should click on the horizontal white bars (see picture below) at the top right to see the menu options. 

When you have saved your changes, click on the Dashboard menu option, if you have one device in Keep Close Contact this screen is shown. 

The top section of the screen is where the status and controls are kept, the bottom section is useful information for you that you can enter from the Edit Details page. This information is blank until you enter it.

The top section of the screen is split up as shown on the left. The blue line of buttons switch you between the different pages.

Beneath this is the name of the person who is being cared for and below this are the status icons and function buttons as indicated in the diagram.


Edit Details - this page allows you to enter details about the person being cared for, enable/disable email notifications and enable/disable the slideshow feature. Make sure you click the Save Details button after you make changes.

Pictures - this page allows you to upload up to 6 pictures which will appear in the slideshow on the remote device when this feature is enable. Each picture can have a title and short description which is displayed along with the picture.  Enter the title and description first then upload the picture.

Schedule - this page allows you to define a set of messages to be sent at regular times to the device. For each message you can also request to be notified if the message is not acknowledged. Please make sure that you specify the correct timezone. After updating please ensure that you click the Save Details button.