Example Uses

Some examples of when to use Keep Close Contact

Jane’s mother was getting less mobile but wanted to still have her own place to live as she was comfortable there. Jane was a busy working mother but needed to feel that she could catch up with her mother at any time just to see how she was that day, make sure she had got up, taken her medication on time and similar things - essentially making sure that mum was OK.

Jane read about Keep Close Contact on the internet and tracked down a secondhand iPad and a nice secure stand to hold it in place, she bought a SIM card from the phone company and downloaded Keep Close Contact from the Apple App Store. Jane was ready to go!

Jane made a quick test before she presented it to her mother and uploaded a few photos of the grandkids, then popped around and set it all up. Jane’s mother saw how simple it was as she was not into technology things, she loved the photos of the family and insisted that Jane keep them up to date, the best thing was Jane could call and they could chat away without her dropping a stitch in her knitting. 

While Jane was there having a cup of tea they set up some reminder messages for all the regular things in her mother’s life and Jane showed her how to touch the screen to respond. The last thing Jane did was to show her mother the Call Me button so that if she needed to she could touch the button and she could speak to Jane.

When Jane left she felt a lot more at ease than she had in a long time, it took her mother a few days to get used to responding so when Jane received the email from Keep Close Contact advising her she just hit the call button and had a quick chat.

Jane still pops around to see her mother just as much as she did before but now she can have a lot more contact and peace of mind when she is not able to get there.


Another example of Keep Close Contact

Jim’s father wanted to stay in the old family home as he had lived there for nearly 40 years, he did not get around much as he needed to use a walker but was happy at home. Jim travelled at lot for work and a  friend of Jim’s suggested that he try out Keep Close Contact so that he could keep in touch while he was away. 

Jim had an old iPad that he had replaced with a new model and his father had WiFi at home so he downloaded Keep Close Contact from the Apple App Store and set it up.

Over a few beers (low alcohol for his father of course) Jim demonstrated Keep Close Contact and they set up some regular reminders to keep his father on track. Jim also promised to upload some photos on his next trip.

On his next trip Jim called his dad for free from the airport in Paris using Keep Close Contact and uploaded pictures in front of the Eiffel tower. Jim was relaxed as he could call at any time and knew Keep Close Contact would let him know if his father did not acknowledge the reminder messages.