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Privacy Policy

Keep Close Contact collects information from you so that we can charge you, operate and supply the product you ordered.

This information is retained so that we can support any questions that may be raised in relation to your service, operate the Keep Close Contact system and take any required remedial action if required.

This information may also be needed to assist your bank or credit provider should we receive any questions from them directly or indirectly about your order.

We do not retain this information to sell it or send you unsolicited email on other topics. This information is also used to simplify the order process for future orders.

For your convenience you may save physical address information on the system, we do not use this information except to present it back to you and provide a map when possible.

Keep Close Contact is a product of Wyari Pty Ltd ABN 34 003 464 266 who have provided the backend technology to make all of this work.




Terms & Conditions

1. The Keep Close Contact system utilises the public internet, carrier data networks, third party systems and computer hardware that are not under the control of Wyari Pty Ltd. By using the system you understand that Wyari Pty Ltd has no control over these items and indemnify Wyari Pty Ltd from any liability caused by any problem in any component of the system.

2. The Keep Close Contact system is supplied as is. In the event of a problem being identified Wyari Pty Ltd will take the remedial action it deems appropriate to rectify the problem including prioritising the rectification alongside other work being performed.

3. Account details and other configuration data supplied by the user or their nominees is entered into the system, Wyari Pty Ltd does not accept any liability for system problems caused by incorrect data that it has been supplied with.

4. For continued use of the system the subscription fee must be paid in advance, to allow for delays caused by banking systems we recommend that this is done at least 5 working days in advance. Wyari Pty Ltd does not accept any liability for problems caused by late payments.

5. Where a remote device is connected to a local WiFi network it is a user responsibility to ensure that the WiFi network is operational.

6. Where a remote device is connected to a celluar network it is a user responsibility to ensure that any fees are paid to the relevant phone carrier.

7. Care of the remote device is the responsibility of the user.

8. If any of these terms and conditions are found to be unenforceable then the other items remain in force.

9. The use of the Keep Close Contact system is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

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